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At the end of the Vincebus Eruptum Mark I period the magazine was also a record label named "VE Recordings", a branch completely managed by Giorgio Pagnacco, using his Beard Of Stars Records experience...

The label was born to publish the exclusive album attached with VE N°6 and VE N°7:

  • VE001 - COLT.38 "S/T"
  • VE002 - E.X.P. "Pachamama"

Before the stopping of the activities on 2002 VE Recordings planned the issue of the first album from the Swedish band SLOWRYDER...

On 2012 VE Recordings presented the third issue...the compilation attached exclusively with VE N°12:

  • VE003 - VVAA "ACID SOUNDS Vol.1"

During COVID-19 lockdown we created the first CD label sampler compilation:

  • VE004 - VVAA "Vincebus Eruptum Recordings - Label Sampler Vol.1"

On 2013 VE Recordings became VINCEBUS ERUPTUM Recordings and started his activity as only vinyl record label!

These are the published issues:

  • VELP001 - SENDELICA "The Satori in Elegance of the Majestic Stonegazer"
  • VELP002 - LORDS OF BASTARD "Cuddles"
  • VELP003 - DA CAPTAIN TRIPS "Anechoic Chamber Outcomes I"
  • VELP004 - SENDELICA "The Kaleidoscopic Kat and It's Autoscopic Ego"
  • VELP005 - ANUSEYE "Essay On A Drunken Cloud"
  • VELP006 - ORGANIC IS ORGASMIC "As We Speak Of Space And Wisdom"
  • VELP007 - SENDELICA "The Fabled Voyages Of The Sendelicans"
  • VELP008 - DA CAPTAIN TRIPS "In The Beginning..."
  • VELP009 - SENDELICA/DA CAPTAIN TRIPS "Psychedelic Battles Volume 1"
  • VELP011 - THE GRAND ASTORIA "The Mighty Few"
  • VELP012 - BRAIN PYRAMID "Magnetosphere"
  • VELP013 - SENDELICA "I'll Walk With The Stars for You"
  • VELP014 - THE SPACELORDS/DHVANI "Psychedelic Battles Volume 2"
  • VELP015 - PATER NEMBROT "Nusun"
  • VELP016 - PROJECT GRIMM "The Crass Menagerie"
  • VELP017 - DA CAPTAIN TRIPS "Adventures In The Upside Down"
  • VELP018 - THE LINUS PAULING QUARTET/COLT.38 "Psychedelic Battles Volume 3"
  • VELP019 - THE LUCK OF EDEN HALL/RED SUN "Psychedelic Battles Volume 4"
  • VELP020 - SENDELICA "My House Is Made Of Angel Hair"
  • VELP021 - TWINK "Think Pink III"
  • VELP022 - ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE/LEE VAN CLEEF "Psychedelic Battles Volume 5"
  • VELP023 - ANANDA MIDA "Cathodnatius" Co-production with Go Down Records
  • VELP024 - GARY LEE CONNER "Unicorn Curry"
  • VELP025 - ANUSEYE "3:33 333"
  • VELP026 - THOSE FURIOUS FLAMES "HeartH" Co-production with the band
  • VELP027 - LEE VAN CLEEF "Holy Smoke"
  • VELP028 - GARY LEE CONNER "The Microdot Gnome"
  • VELP029 - DEAN ALLEN FOYD/SHERPA "Psychedelic Battles Volume 6"
  • VELP030 - VIBRAVOID "Kursaal Psichedelico" PICTURE DISC!
  • VELP031 - GARY LEE CONNER "Revelations In Fuzz"
  • VELP032 - OJM "Live at Rocket Club" Co-production with Go Down Records
  • VELP033 - KEEPER OF ATLANTIS "2" Co-production with the band
  • VELP034 - DA CAPTAIN TRIPS "Maths Of The Elements"