Year: 2011 (January)
All written in English
Cover by Kabuto

Size: A5 - 40 full colour pages

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Editorial Staff:

  • Davide Pansolin (Davidew)


  • Beppe Badino
  • Stefano Cerati
  • Carlo Doninelli
  • Luciano Gaglio
  • Klaus Kleinowski
  • Maso aka Dale P.
  • Massimo Ugolini


  • SPIRITUAL BEGGARS "A New Beginning" by Luciano Gaglio
  • VIBRAVOID "The Number One Acid Rock Band" by Davidew
  • ALFREDO HERNANDEZ "Here Comes The Drums King" by Davidew
  • AL CISNEROS "A Little Less Conversation" by Carlo Doninelli
  • TROUBLED HORSE "Heavy Horses" by Stefano Cerati
  • UFOMAMMUT "The Mistery Of The Big Cake" by Davidew
  • Reviews: All My Friendz, Black Rainbows, Buttered Bacon Biscuits, Da Captain Trips, Deadpeach, Dragontears, Electric Moon, Electric Orange, Electric Wizard, Grifter, Hellamor, Herba Mate, Hills, Humo Del Cairo, Hypnos 69, The Kings Of Frog Island, Muzzled, My Sleeping Karma, Ojm, Rotor, Sancta Sanctorum, Sardonis, The Shoes, Sula Bassana, That's All Folks/Anuseye, Timemazine #5, Tracker, Ufomammut, Valkyrie, Vic Du Monte's Persona Non Grata, A Phase We're Going Through
  • Researches: MALFUNKSHUN by Beppe Badino
  • Labels & Co: BLACK WIDOW RECORDS versus BLOODROCK RECORDS by Davidew & Massimo Ugolini