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Our magazine (N° 11) received a great review on the American web-site THE OBELISK...

Vincebus Eruptum Issue #11 Now Available

My only complaint with the long-running Italian print ‘zine Vincebus Eruptum is that it makes me want to spend money. I’ve written before about their unwavering dedication to underground heavy rock and psychedelia, but man, every time I’m fortunate enough to get an issue from these dudes, I find something else I want to buy.

In their new issue — #11, which they premiered at this year’s Stoned From the Underground fest in Germany — they cover some of the standard stuff. There are interviews with The Atomic Bitchwax and Blood Ceremony, Black Pyramid and Quest for Fire, among others. Good bands, and cool interviews, but names you’ve probably seen around.

Then there are the reviews, and it’s the reviews that always kill me. Bands I’ve never heard before, like Wight, Electric Moon, La Cuenta and Oyabun mocking me, saying, “Come on, motherfucker, you haven’t heard this shit yet! Get it! Get it!” All this cool music taunting me, and damned if I don’t go for it every time. Nobody knows the European underground like Vincebus Eruptum. Issue #11 is available through their website, and as always, it comes highly recommended.

27.07.11 by HP Taskmaster