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Our magazine (N° 11) received a fantastic review on the American web-site THE SODA SHOP...

Vincebus Eruptum Magazine N° 11

Some say print is dead. I won’t argue the fact that it is a dying form of media but it’ll be many years before it is completely gone. Until then, there is one fan made magazine that gets my endorsement and my time is Vincebus Eruptum.

From front to end cover the magazine is made with high quality paper and ink. It’s in full color and features some fine looking artwork on the cover. Each issue comes with interviews, reviews, articles and ads (more on that later).

The current issue, #11, features interviews with Blood Ceremony, The Atomic Bitchwax, Quest For Fire, L’Impero Delle Ombre, The Flying Eyes, The Mike Gun and what may be the last with Black Pyramid. There are plenty of good reviews that are simply written and straight to the point.

Then there’s the ads. I know this was covered in The Obelisk’s review of the magazine but the ads do their job well. They make me want to buy everything shown that I don’t already own. The ads have woken me up to shops I didn’t know existed or I have forgotten about. Now, if I only had more money to spend.

Vincebus Eruptum is one magazine that you shouldn’t be without. It contains lots of good reading material and a fresh taste in reviews. Simply put, Vincebus Eruptum is like porn for music lovers of stoner, sludge, psychedelic and heavy music, some thing that you shouldn’t be without. Get yours today from the Vincebus Eruptum website.