Year: 2012 (January)
All written in English
Cover by Kabuto

Size: A5 - 40 full colour pages

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Editorial Staff:

  • Davide Pansolin (Davidew)


  • Costantino Andruzzi
  • Klaus Kleinowski
  • Austin Matthews
  • Philip Leonardi


  • LEE DORRIAN "Come My Fanatics" by Austin Matthews
  • BLACK RAINBOWS "Behind The Line Of Rock'n'Roll" by Davidew
  • ZIPPO "In Search Of Our Own Personal Legend" by Costantino Andruzzi
  • JOE HASSELVANDER "The Ninth Of Hour Of Doom" by Davidew
  • GENTLEMANS PISTOLS "Midnight Crawlers" by Austin Matthews
  • THE FREEKS "Welcome To The Stoner Freek Rock Army" by Davidew
  • THE GRAND ASTORIA "Leningrad Stoners go America" by Davidew
  • WIGHT "Heavy-Psych Masters" by Davidew
  • Reviews: Amber, AmerikanPrimitive, Anuseye, Baby Woodrose, Backwoods Payback, Black Rainbows, Bomb The Sun, Cathedral, Cranium Pie, Denizen, Detritivore, Doomraiser, Eheactl, El Camino, Elder, Electric Moon, Electric Moon & Glowsun, Electric Orange, Fango, Fuzz Manta, Hellamor, The Locked Ward, Obrero, Paths Prakriti, Samsara Blues Experiment, Soul Manifest, Spirits Of The Dead, Summer Bacchanalia, Sungrazer, Timemazine, Treehorn, Underdogs, Vincent's Ear, Wicked Minds, Wo Fat, Zippo