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Our magazine (N° 12) received a great review on the Finnish web-site PSYCHOTROPIC ZONE...

Vincebus Eruptum Magazine N° 12

The Italian heavy-psych music magazine Vincebus Eruptum has reached its 12th issue by now, and now it also comes with a CD for the first time!

Acid Sounds Vol. 1 is included only with the 500 first copies that also come with a hand-numbered insert and a mini poster, but this version is still available. The appearance and formula of the A5 sized magazine printed on high-quality paper in full colour have remained the same as before and there was no reason to change the good concept.

This time they have interviewed the legendary Lee Dorrian (Rise Above Records, Cathedral), Italian bands Black Rainbows and Zippo, ex-Pentagram/Death Row guy Joe Hasselvander, Gentlemans Pistols, The Freeks, The Grand Astoria (don’t miss their Psychotropic Caravan Club gig in Helsinki on 6.4.!) and Wight. There are also 12 pages if reviews (for example Cranium Pie, Electric Moon, Black Rainbows, Wo Fat, Samsara Blues Experiment, Cathedral, The Locked Ward, Electric Orange etc.). The mag looks really good and in spite of the psychedelic graphics it is always really clear and easy to read.

The compilation CD that was produced in co-operation with Go Down Records, Sulatron-Records, Nasoni and Beard of Stars Records is absolutely worth getting. The almost one-hour-long CD has eleven tracks and the best pieces in my opinion are OJM’s ”Har (d) Ucks”, That’s All Folks’ ”Hypnotic Pulse”, The Freeks’ ”Vitamin D”, E.X.P.’s ”DNA Connect Just Like a Kids Tumble” and of course Vibravoid’s ”Photosynthesis in Darkness” and Electric Moon’s amazing ”Trip Trip Trip” that has previously only been available on vinyl! All in all, this is a very interesting and enjoyable package for all the friends of heavy and psychedelic music!

22.03.12 by Dj Astro