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After 6 issues from the re-start (2009)...it's time to make a little change!

First of all Vincebus Eruptum has changing its frequency...

So the magazine will be published three times per year instead of twice: this important change has the objective of being more actual about the reviews.

Next planned issues:

  • Vincebus Eruptum n°14 - November 2012
  • Vincebus Eruptum n°15 - March 2013
  • Vincebus Eruptum n°16 - July 2013

Planned copies/issue: 1000 or more

Planned pages/issue: 40 (as always)

From the issue n°14 Vincebus Eruptum will contain a special section/insert (4 or 8 pages) about a specific heavy-psych scene...it will be a little guide about a specific country for all about heavy-psych (labels, bands, venues, ...): obviously we'll start from our country...Italy!

The advertising campaign for the issue n°14 starts from now...few less spaces disposable!