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Our magazine (N° 13) received a GREAT review on the American web-site THE OBELISK...

Vincebus Eruptum No. 13 Available Now

I continue to be in awe of the Italian ‘zine Vincebus Eruptum, which I consider to be the foremost champion of European heavy psych as a whole and in particular the voice of the Italian heavy underground. The dedication of editor Davide “Davidew” Pansolin is unmatched in the genre, and his work never fails to inspire. I’ve yet to come out of reading an issue of Vincebus Eruptum not wanting to start a print ‘zine of my own or buy a ridiculous amount of import CDs.

The latest issue, No. 13, is available now from their BigCartel shop, and features interviews with Orange Goblin, Earth, former Monster Magnet/Wellwater Conspiracy guitarist John McBain, Graveyard and Small Stone Records honcho Scott Hamilton. Of particular interest to me was Swedish newcomers Dean Allen Foyd, which features former members of Roachpowder, but because it’s Vincebus Eruptum, the Italian scene is well represented as well. Interviews with Pater Nembrot and Gandhi’s Gunn and reviews of Ufomammut, T.H.U.M.B., The Hounds of Hasselvander (released on Italy’s Black Widow and Bloodrock Records and featuring Paolo Apollo Negri of Wicked Minds), El-Thule, Gandhi’s Gunn, Alice Tambourine Lover, Tiresia Raptus and others ensure that Italy is at the forefront of readers’ focus. A little patriotism is a good thing every now and again.

Particularly so when it comes alongside the careful eyes and ears of Pansolin and his fellow contributors, who are nothing if not reliable when it comes to solid opinions and knowledge of their subject matter that’s second to nobody. This special edition issue no. 13 comes with a poster of the cover by artist Kabuto that proclaims it was produced especially for the recent Stoned From the Underground festival, which only further shows how entrenched the mag is with the European scene.

Look for more to come from Vincebus Eruptum, as they recently announced they’re bumping up from two issues a year to three.

Vincebus Eruptum‘s American distribution is handled through The Soda Shop. Visit their BigCartel store here.

23.07.12 by HP Taskmaster