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Our magazine (N° 14) received a great review on the Finnish web-site PSYCHOTROPIC ZONE...

Vincebus Eruptum Magazine N° 14

This marvelous Italian heavy psych zine has reached its 14th issue and from now on the friends of heavy psychedelic music will be able to enjoy the magazine even more frequently! Another new feature is the Stoned Handbook section that will include lists of heavy psych bands, record labels, promoters, venues etc. from different countries. This issue of course starts with Italy… I’m sure there listings will be useful for bands looking for gigs and record deal as well as fans interested in this kind of music!

In the familiar way the full-colour and really cool looking, 40-page beauty includes very interesting interviews and enlightening album reviews. The interviewees are the intriguing Naam, the cryptic Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats who usually stay deep underground, the heavy blues rock act Blues Pills, Witchcraft, Doomraiser and Orchid. The editor Davidew also does a retrospective article on the legendary Black Widow and their influence on modern occult rock boom. Great! The reviews include for example Carlton Melton, Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell, Diagonal, Wo Fat, Eternal Tapestry, Colour Haze, Electric Moon, La Piramide di Sangue, the Farflung / Black Land and the Finns Mr. Peter Hayden and Space Lizard as well as several bands that I had never even heard of. The English language is very fluent, all the stories very well written and visually spectacular and stylish. This is a very professional magazine but done with a lot of emotion!

This issue is also available (at least for a little while…) as a limited, numbered special edition of 200 copies including a poster and Hofmann’s Kaleidoscope: Expiation of the Psychedelic Hunters Vol. I CD. This excellent and really diverse compilation introduces us to Italian acid rock and includes the following tracks:

01. CLARK NOVA - Gentlemen Start Your Engines
02. ENORMOUS - Fly Low Dragonfly
03. INSIDER - Dark Age
05. TRIP HILL - Fever
06. ANUSEYE - Thirst for a Fix
07. OTEHI - Sea Witch
08. EPSTEIN SUPERFLU - The War Inside Darktown
10. MY BRAND IS GRASS - Dolce ginocchiata (sui denti)
11. ZIZ - ZiZ
12. NO STRANGE – Pogaridade

The mag alone costs 3€ and the special edition 8€ plus postage. Highly recommended!

04.01.12 by Dj Astro