Year: 2013 (April)
All written in English
Cover by Kabuto

Size: A5 - 40 full colour pages

Issue date: 05 of April 2013

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Editorial Staff:

  • Davide Pansolin (Davidew)


  • Stefano Cerati
  • Klaus Kleinowski
  • Austin Matthews
  • Davide Straccione


  • SPIDERS "Weekend Warriors" by Stefano Cerati
  • THE COSMIC DEAD "Infinite Egress" by Austin Matthews
  • SKANSKA MORD "Heavy-Psych Cult!" by Davidew
  • ELECTRIC TAURUS "Venus In Doom" by Stefano Cerati
  • CARLTON MELTON "Long Live Dome Rock" by John Wisniewski
  • DOCTOR CYCLOPS "Children Of The Mountain" by Davide Straccione
  • Reviews: Agamotto, Il Ballo Delle Castagne, Bastardo, Bevar Sea, Black Capricorn, Black Gnod, Bleeding Eyes, Bretus, Dean Allen Foyd, Deep Space Destructors, Demetra Sine Die, Doctor Cyclops, Drifter, Elektrolux, Elevators To The Grateful Sky, Eternal Elysium, Firelord, Fortress Of Narzod, Fuzz Manta, Hands Of Orlac, Hot Lunch, Karma To Burn, King Howl Quartet, Mombu, Mr. Bison, Obelyskkh, Orrenda Acciaieria, Otehi, Pater Nembrot, Satellite Beaver, Seid, Sendelica, Seven That Spells, Sideburn, Soul Thief, Space Paranoids, Sumosluts, Traveling Circle, Troubled Horse, Veracrash, Vibravoid