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Title: "Anechoic Chamber Outcomes I"

Code: VELP003

Year: 2013

First press edition limited to 250 copies:

  • 150 copies on black vinyl (SOLD OUT)
  • 100 copies on translucent marbled vinyl plus exclusive mega-poster (SOLD OUT)

Second press:

  • 100 copies on white heavy-weight (180 gr) vinyl (SOLD OUT)

Third press:

  • 75 copies on translucent blue vinyl (SOLD OUT)

White standard VE label

Issue date: 17th of June 2013/6th of November 2013 (second press)/1st of July 2014 (third press)


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Tracklist - Side A:

  • Leaving the Mainland Again
  • Merfolk Ride
  • Floating

Tracklist - Side B:

  • Sargassian Way to the Definitive Blue
  • Mar-Has-Kas
  • Old Man from the Sea
  • Siren's Call