Year: 2013 (September)
All written in English
Cover by Kabuto

Size: A5 - 40 full colour pages

Issue date: 30 of September 2013

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Editorial Staff:

  • Davide Pansolin (Davidew)


  • Stefano Cerati
  • Klaus Kleinowski
  • Austin Matthews
  • Philip Leonardi


  • COLOUR HAZE by Davidew
  • SULA BASSANA "Cosmic Dreamer" by Austin Matthews
  • CHURCH OF MISERY "Beast from the Far East" by Stefano Cerati
  • TELSTAR SOUND DRONE by Klaus Kleinowski
  • BLOOD CEREMONY "Songs from the Woods" by Stefano Cerati
  • Reviews: 1000Mods, Abysmal Grief, Ape Skull, The Black, Black Rainbows, Blizzard Of Lizard, Buddha Sentenza, Carlton Melton, Caronte/Doomraiser, Carpet, Church Of Misery, Conny Ochs, Da Captain Trips, Dali's Llama, Dead Sea Apes/Black Tempest, Deville, Douge, Electric Moon, The Fastback, The Freeks, Geezer, Giobia,Hyper Evel, Insider, Isaak, Karma To Burn, Larman Clamor, The Lone Crows, Lord Shani, Lost Moon, Lothorian, Luder, Mad Penguins, Midryasi, Naam, Noon, Oak's Mary, Samsara Blues Experiment, Sendelica, Shallow Grave, Stoner Kebab, Tankdriver, Telstar Sound Drone, This Is Ghost Country, Three Eyes Left, Uncle Acid, Vidunder, Wild Eyes S.F., Witches Brew, Zig Zags