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We are waiting to publish the new volume on the Psychedelic Battles series, by DEAN ALLEN FOYD and SHERPA! But don't worry, because it will be done very early!

In the meantime, we created the first CD sampler for our label!

500 copies printed on CD (no CDr!!!) with card-wallet...

10 tracks published on catalogue vinyls + 3 bonus tracks (1 outtake and 2 tracks from the forthcoming album!)

Stay tuned guys! Because we'll never stand still! Never!

The tracklist:

  • Twink - Planet 39 [from VELP021]
  • Those Furious Flames - Visions [from VELP026]
  • Anuseye - 3:33 333 [from VELP025]
  • Gary Lee Conner - Chester Apple [from VELP028]
  • Da Captain Trips - Manta [from VELP017]
  • Sendelica - Hard Coming Love [from VELP020]
  • The Linus Pauling Quartet - Jolokottur [from VELP018]
  • Lee Van Cleef - Towelie [from VELP027]
  • Red Sun - Meteor Shower [from VELP019]
  • Colt.38 - Persona [from VELP018]

Bonus Tracks:

  • Project Grimm - Future Man [outtake from VELP016]
  • Dean Allen Foyd - Atlas [from the forthcoming VELP029]
  • Sherpa - Moon's Biology Portrait [instrumental edited version from the forthcoming VELP029]