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Taken from Vincebus Eruptum N°8

“GOOD 1”
A masterpiece!
Alice & his friends cooked a perfumed cake with a lot of elements from stoner culture perfectly mixed with heavy-blues riffs and classic rock sounds...
“The Sweet-Smelling Road” opens the album on a kyussian atmosphere surprising for the vocal approach by Alice...near to Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon style!!!
“Emotion” produces hypno-sound vibrations and “Without You” runs very near to classic delta blues sounds...
“Butterfly” presents the vocalist Alice Albertazzi as the new Janis Joplin and the band (Pippo De Palma on guitars, G.Franco Romanelli on bass and slide guitar, Andrea Insulla on drums) tries to be the new Big Brother & The Holding Company...
The closing song “Bianco e Nero” is for me the only negative note: is a beautiful Italian pop song but it seems very far from the band style!
Class A production by the Magician Steve Albini.
Great musicians and original vocals: the evolution of stoner-rock!