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Swiss psych-rockers Those Furious Flames are ready to release their 5th studio album HeartH, co-produced by heavy-psych record label Vincebus Eruptum.

Watch the new video of "Voodoo" on YOUTUBE!

Also "Escape" is now on YOUTUBE!

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Title: "HeartH"

Code: VELP026

Year: 2019

Edition limited to 300 copies:

  • 300 copies on orange vinyl

Issue date: 20th of September 2019

Special label

Soon available to pre-order at the DIRECT STORE!

Tracklist - Side A:

  • Children Of The Moon
  • Voodoo (The Rhythm Of The Ritual)
  • Escape
  • Unknown Song

Tracklist - Side B:

  • Under Your Spell
  • Hallucinoger Persisting Perception Disorder
  • Visions

Last Updated (Monday, 08 July 2019 10:21)


After the co-production of the new ANANDA MIDA album together with Go Down Records (12th of January 2019), we are so proud to announce the new album by GARY LEE CONNER!!!

The writer and guitar player of the unforgettable SCREAMING TREES (!!!!!!!!!!) published "Unicorn Curry", 10 psychedelic songs on black vinyl (label code VELP024)!!!

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It was on the 2014...and the code was VELP025...

After five years and 20 label codes we are so happy to present the new album by our mates ANUSEYE!

The new album is incredibly fresh and it's the best way to play heavy-psych sound without falling into boring stoner-rock music!!!

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Title: "Cathodnatius"

Code: VELP023

Year: 2019

Edition limited to 500 copies:

  • 300 copies on black vinyl
  • 200 copies on red vinyl

Co-production with GO DOWN RECORDS

Issue date: 10th of January 2019


Available at the DIRECT STORE!

Tracklist - Side A:

  • The Pilot
  • Blank Stare
  • Pupo Cupo
  • Out Of The Blue

Tracklist - Side B:

  • Doom And The Medicine Man [part I - IV]
    • I- Towers And Holes
    • II- Opening Hours
    • III- Rude Awakening
    • IV- The Medicine Man Is Looking For A Cure


Last Updated (Wednesday, 13 February 2019 09:38)

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