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You know...it's a strange and hard time for underground music!

So we decided to change a little our standard publishing idea, moving to co-productions: the first one is with GO DOWN RECORDS to publish the new live album by coolest heavy-psychers OJM (VELP032)...the second one is with the band itself to publish the new album by KEEPER OF ATLANTIS (VELP033)!

Look at the fantastic cover-arts!

OJM is one of the coolest heavy-psych Italian bands since early '2000: they are great friends of Vincebus Eruptum Recordings, so we decide to join efforts to publish the live show recorded in 2013! The cover-art is by our great friend Conny Ochs!

We have many friends and surely Ramon Medina (ex LINUS PAULING QUARTET!) is one of the best!

During this strange period he wrote the second chapter by his new project KEEPER OF ATLANTIS and would like to publish the vinyl only on Vincebus Eruptum Recordings: we are so proud about!!! LooK at the beautiful cover-art by Sarada Holt Johnson!


We are so proud to announce that the new album by Gary Lee Conner (Screaming Trees) will be published on Vincebus Eruptum label!!! After "Unicorn Curry" and "The Microdot Gnone" it's now time to launch "Revelations In Fuzz"!!!!!!!!


We are waiting to publish the new volume on the Psychedelic Battles series, by DEAN ALLEN FOYD and SHERPA! But don't worry, because it will be done very early!

In the meantime, we created the first CD sampler for our label!

500 copies printed on CD (no CDr!!!) with card-wallet...

10 tracks published on catalogue vinyls + 3 bonus tracks (1 outtake and 2 tracks from the forthcoming album!)

Stay tuned guys! Because we'll never stand still! Never!

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We are so proud to announce that the new chapter on the PSYCHEDELIC BATTLES SERIES is NOW available!

As always, the split album is shared between a foreign band and an Italian band...the names???

Foreign band: DEAN ALLEN FOYD (from Sweden)!!!

Italian band: SHERPA!!!

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After many years of friendship and collaborations, I am proud and honoured to finally include the VIBRAVOID on the Vincebus Eruptum Recordings catalogue!

This is a live recording of one of the best concerts I have ever attended, which was organized in collaboration with the RAINDOGS HOUSE and held at the ITALO CALVINO in Loano, Savona, in 2012.
The quality of the recording is not the best – however, the artistic performance was so outstanding that we decided that this invaluable document had to go on the record.

The Vibravoid show was one of the first Vincebus Eruptum Nights ever organized and was so important for me because I was able to meet for the first time some good friends, still now important for me and for the cultural association.
Another important reason it's that with the vinyl I can make a proper tribute to Italo Calvino, really important venue and association, now unfortunately closed.

A dream is coming true...after many years of friendship!

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