Year: 2000
All written in English
Cover by Malleus

Size: A4





  • Davide Pansolin (Davidew)
  • Giorgio Pagnacco
  • Beppe Badino
  • Costantino Andruzzi
  • Ilario Camurati
  • Stefano Cerati
  • Luciano Gaglio
  • Hugh Gilmour
  • Beppe Riva
  • Filippo Rostoni (Dr. Rostoned)
  • Massimo Ugolini
  • Scott Sterling Wylder


  • ELECTRIC WIZARD “Welcome to the Dopethrone”  by Stefano Cerati
  • Q.O.T.S.A. by Scott Sterling Wylder
  • THE HEADS “The Alpha & Omega of the heavy-psychedelia” by Luciano Gaglio
  • C.O.C. by Stefano Cerati
  • SUPERTHRIVE “DIY Music for Sinners” by Costantino Andruzzi
  • HOGWASH by Davidew
  • THE ELECTRIC EFFECT “A Saucerful of Secrets” by Beppe Badino
  • HYPNOSIS “A Pouring Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” by Beppe Badino
  • Collector’s Corner: MONSTER MAGNET part 1 by Dr. Rostoned
  • Reviews
  • Reissues
  • PINK FAIRIES “Blue Gnomes and Pink Hogs” by Beppe Badino